Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers

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The advice or involvement of an immigration lawyer for your particular immigration matter could be the difference between success and failure. Immigration lawyers specialise in various aspects of immigration law including nationality, entry requirements, marriage applications, leave to remain, extensions of stay, asylum, human rights law, European Union and its citizens, Points based system and Life in the UK requirements.

Your immigration matter may require legal representation and you can find assistance with the help of an immigration lawyer. If you are unsure of where to start why not contact an immigration lawyer and request to speak to someone regarding your immigration enquiry. Most immigration lawyers would want to find out about your current immigration status and if any the limits on your leave to remain. You can ask the immigration lawyer to explain the meaning of any words or terms that you are not sure of.

Immigration lawyers will either assist you by lodging an application or making representation to the UK immigration authorities although in some cases immigration lawyers may represent you at a tribunal hearing or immigration appeal. If you require representation at an immigration hearing then it is important that you arrange this as early as possible to avoid any confusion and to ensure your immigration lawyer has your full instructions and is aware of all the necessary aspects of your case.

You might want to consider some important factors when deciding to instruct an immigration lawyer.

  1. Immigration lawyers are immigration specialists and are trained in various aspects of immigration law.
  2. An immigration lawyer will explain the UK immigration rules to you and help you understand the requirements that relate to you and whether or not you meet those requirements.
  3. Immigration lawyers can assist you by making representation to the UK immigration authorities in a professional and proactive manner.
  4. Immigration lawyers can represent you at your immigration hearing.
  5. Yes an immigration lawyer will come at a cost to you however consider whether you are willing to pay the price for not instructing a lawyer.
  6. Immigration lawyers are regulated either by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or the Office of the Immigration Commissioner (OISC).

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